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Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

by Michaela Newton -
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Dear Students,

This is just a gentle reminder about preceptor supervision during your clinical experiences.  It is important that students and preceptors adhere to the following guidelines to assure the safety of clients and students and to maximize your learning experience.

  • the preceptor(s) listed on your contract is (are) the preceptor(s) that should be signing off on your clinical experiences (prenatal appointments, births, skills, etc.).

  • the preceptor(s) must be physically present in the same room during the provision of all care by the student.

  • all clinical experiences must be supervised and verified by the ATM preceptor(s).  The preceptor(s) hold(s) final responsibility for confirming that the ATMMTP student provided the required care.

  • initials/signatures of the student and the preceptor must be in the client chart verifying attendance at the appointment or birth.

Failure to follow the appropriate student/precept supervision guidelines could result in a preceptor losing their ATMMTP and NARM preceptor status and NARM CPM credential.  This could also risk the student’s ability to obtain Texas licensure or to sit for the NARM exam.

If you have any questions or need to discuss a clinical situation, please feel free to reach out to either of us.

Warmest regards,

Jasmin & David