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Coming Changes to the ATM executive committee

Coming Changes to the ATM executive committee

by Jasmin Kanevski -
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Good Morning Ladies,

Wow, there is so much to say this morning. I know that you all must have a thousand questions. What happened? Why now? What is wrong? Will the organization survive this? Let me answer some of these and set your minds at ease, or at least I hope I will.

First of all, there is no problem, the current executive board is not angry, we are not running away from some great and looming outcome. There are no problems on the board itself. Why now, is a bit harder to explain but let me try. As with almost every organization, the top of the leadership is getting older and having the problems that go along with that. Most of the executive committee has served in one capacity or another for more than a decade.  As they have spoke often about how to bring about change and get others to step up and take part, they have felt they were in the way. That if they continued on then they were taking spaces that, if left open, would give opportunity to those who would want to try a leadership role. To that end, they decided collectively to move aside and allow space for fresh vision, direction and enthusiasm to take hold while they support them as they need during a training time. This is what is happening now.

I want to assure you of what is not happening:

The current executive committee is not hand picking their replacements. In fact, they have recused themselves from the process all together. The elected board members are taking the reins, having meetings, formulating plans and stepping up to roles that thought might be afar off for them to achieve. I am so proud of the work they are doing.  I must admit it has been hard to not know what is happening and to not be a part of the decision making process. But I am encouraged by knowing that these folks want to see ATM succeed as well. 

What is happening is:

A transition of leadership that will be good for the organization as a whole. It may take a minute or two for everyone to find where they fit and their final decisions may be temporary as they seek to have a team that will work cohesively and will provide the best way forward for the organization and the school.  Every member of the current EC has pledged to stay active in the background to support their new counterpart. They will be there for moral support, advise and lend any help they need for 6 months or until they no longer need them.

What about the school:

The school is great. The EC will proclaim that I am doing an awesome job and as far as the (EC) knows, there will be no change to the school. Our students are happy, we are meeting out goals and we are moving forward.

What about your region:

Since you are student members you have regional representatives that are you contact for all association news.  You are also welcome at all open board meetings.  You should be able to see who your representative is on the website  Please reach out time me if you need help finding your representative.

What can you do:

Attend the meeting on Monday night by google meet. Listen and hear what the changes are and how you might support the incoming members. You will find out who the members of the new EC are. Are they serving as a temporary EC to keep the organization going or are they the ones who will fulfill our roles  for a while to provide stability to the organization as a whole?

As always, I am here working very hard to keep everything going and organized for you, the student body, instructors, and the education committee.  You can always reach me by phone, text, or email found below.


Jasmin Kanevski, MBA, LM, CPM

ATMMTP Director