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Coming Changes to the ATMMTP

Coming Changes to the ATMMTP

by Jasmin Kanevski -
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Dear Students,

Changes are happening and I hope that it will all be for the better.  By the end of the year all of the classes will be in Google Classroom and we will no longer use Moodle for our LMS.  We will start the migration to using Typhon for all the clinical documentation starting September 1st.  Keep you eye out for updates and instructions.


Your first communication should be with your current module instructor.  Then if you need further assistance or you need to turn in any forms you should contact the Director, Jasmin, or her assistant, Michaela.  Further communications should be directed to the following 2 email addresses regardless of what the old forms have listed or where you have been instructed to send correspondence before. (for Jasmin Kanevski, MBA, LM, CPM)

and (for Michaela Newton)


Thank you for enduring the ongoing changes to help make this program run smoother.


Jasmin Kanevski, LM, CPM, MBA

ATMMTP Director